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homePosterGuide to Planting and Care of Edible Fruits and Nuts in the Home Garden
Roberto E. Coronel, PhD
ISBN 978-621-95687-0-8
2017, 13 pp.

This guide intends to provide answers to queries regarding the growing of edible fruits and nuts in the home garden. It contains information about different fruit species, their adaptations to certain locations, the recommended fruit varieties for planting, source of planting materials, and the recommended practices from planting to harvesting.

educ comm in devEducational Communication in Development: Basic Concepts, Theories, and Knowhow
(Revised Edition)
Maria Celeste Habito-Cadiz
ISBN 971-8778-00-4
2016, 161 pp.

This book serves as a reference that provides information which attempts to synthesize, translate, adapt, and report the basic concepts, theories, principles, and knowhow in educational communication.

comm and participatory devCommunication and Participatory Development
Maria Celeste Habito-Cadiz
ISBN 971 547 042 4
1994, 50 pp.

This book provides an analysis on the role of communication and participatory approach in development. It discusses participatory approaches and concepts, participation as communication, and the lessons in participatory development which tackles the problems and failures regarding the implementation of participatory approach and the factors contributing to the success of participatory development projects.


001Ang Paggawa ng Itlog na Maalat at Century Egg
M.V.P. Lawas, A.L. Lambio and N.P. Roxas
ISBN 978‐971‐8778‐78‐4
Rev. Ed. 2006 (2000), 10 pp.

This is an easy “how to do it” manual expected to give knowledge about the process of making salted egg and century egg.

015Ang Pagpapalahi ng Kalabaw sa Pamamagitan ng Gamot Pampangandi at Pagsusumpit
By Severino S. Capitan and Vicente G. Momoñgan
ISBN 971‐110‐077‐0
1989, 10 pp.

This is a guide on the basic principles and procedures in breeding of carabao through prostaglandin and artificial insemination.

014Cut Your Own T‐bone steak
By Perlito I. Ibarra
ISBN 971‐547‐108‐0
1996, 21 pp.

This pamphlet provides the reader the opportunity to know the different cuts of beef and how to relate these with their qualities that will aid in proper cooking. It contains consumer‐oriented set of information that will help in getting utmost satisfaction from beef. The primary objective of this pamphlet is to popularize proper fabrication of carcasses to attain greater satisfaction for the consumers and greater profit for the producer.

016Gabay sa Pangangasiwa ng Guya at Inahing Kalabaw
By S.S. Capitan, B.A. Parker and V.G. Momongan
1993, 8 pp.

This pamphlet enumerates the various principles and guidelines in managing yearling calf and mother carabao.

008Quail Production
By Severino S. Capitan
ISBN 971‐8778‐51‐9
2006, 100 pp.

This book provides information for quail enthusiasts, students and other interested individuals about the science and practice of quail production. Among those discussed were quail industry in the Philippines, history and development of breeds, breeding and management, nutrition, disease control, and processing and utilization of quail products.

013Ang Paggawa ng Balot
By Severino S. Capitan
ISBN 971‐547‐011
Second Edition 2009, (1994, 1993), 12 pp.

In the first edition of this pamphlet, the traditional process of ballot‐making where given importance. For this second edition, the author added the use of artificial incubator for embryo development.

021Cashew Production in the Philippines
By Gabriel A. Tabinga and Arsenio O. Gagni
1984, 35 pp.

This manual is part of the series of instructional materials consisting of revised versions of the 1970 student manuals as well as other farm enterprise manuals and pamphlets on crop, poultry and livestock production.

007The Improvement and Production of Cotton in the Philippines
By Rodolfo P. Cabangbang
ISBN 971‐110‐017‐7
1984, 129 pp.

This book provides a multi‐disciplinary and integrated view of cotton science. It gives an extensive discussion of the crop’s history, botany, production, pests and their control, harvesting, postharvest operations and supervised credit for cotton growing.

005Mungo Production in the Philippines
By Isaac C. Cagampang and Ricardo M. Lantican
1980, 37 pp.

This manual presents a morphological description of mungo and its medicinal and nutritional attributes. It also discusses the various production aspects of mungo such as climate and soil requirements; cultural management, control of weeds, diseases and pests; harvesting, threshing and drying; and storage.

023aOrnamental Mussaendas of the Philippines
By Teresita Lantin‐Rosario
ISBN 971‐110‐019‐3
Rev. Ed. 2000, (1998, 1994) 70 pp.

This book serves as a guide for local and foreign ornamental growers of mussaendas. It is also intended for use by agricultural schools and colleges in the teaching, research and extension of ornamental horticulture.

029Ornamental Horticulture
By Teresita Lantin‐Rosario, and Ryan Rodrigo P. Tayobong
ISBN 971‐8778‐32‐2
January 2016, 117 pp.

This manual is intended for use by both major and non‐major students of horticulture. It has evolved through several years of teaching, research and extension work in ornamental horticulture. The manual provides the students a thorough and complete exposure to ornamental horticulture during the laboratory class to enhance their understanding of the different concepts discussed in the lecture.

002Evaluation of Some Fruits and Vegetables Containers in the Philippines
By R.L. Pastor, ER. B. Pantastico, D.B. Mendoza Jr., J.V. Zerrudo, O.K. Bautista and M.U. Reyes
ISSN 0115‐8858
1985, 55 pp.

This book evaluates fruits and vegetables containers in the Philippines. In an attempt to come up with standard containers for the fresh fruits and vegetable trade, several types of containers were evaluated to determine their appropriateness with respect to some physiological responses, physical consequences and economic returns arising from commodity container interactions.

012Pagpaparami ng mga Nakakaing Prutas at Nuwes sa Pamahayang Hardin
By Roberto E. Coronel
ISBN 971‐8778‐13‐6
2010,28 pp.

Ang bulletin na ito ay nagbibigay sa mga mamamahay ng mga makabuluhan at praktikal na kaalaman tungkol sa iba’t ibang paraan ng pagpaparami ng mga prutas at nuwes (nuts) mula sa pinakasimpleng paggamit ng buto hanggang sa pinakamaselang pagdudugtong at pagpapatse. Malalaman ng mga mamamahay na may mga bungang‐kahoy na maaaring paramihin nang higit sa isang paraan at makakapili siya ng paraan sangayon sa kanyang kaalaman at karanasan.

011Abakada ng Pagmamangga
By Nestor D. Bondad
ISBN 971‐8778‐47‐0
Rev. Ed. 2007 (2002), 203 pp.

This book, which is written in Tagalog, hopes to give knowledge on the principles and practices of mango production. It includes information relevant to the production of quality mangoes such as land preparation, fertilizer application, irrigation, pest management, flower induction and propagation. This book, although intended for farmers, would also help extension agents, researchers, teachers and other professionals.

020UPLB’s Hibiscus Hybrids
By Institute of Plant Breeding

This leaflet features the Centennial Series, Millenium Series and Celebrity Star Series; composed of various Hibiscus Hybrids named after outstanding or famous Filipina heroines, scientists and actresses.

Postharvest Research Notes
Vol. 2 No. 1
ISSN 0115‐8856
January‐June 1996, 27 pp.

This semi‐annual publication aims to communicate the results of postharvest research on perishable horticultural crops and plays a more active role in furthering postharvest awareness and strengthening the delivery systems for fruits, vegetables, cut flowers and other fresh horticultural crops.

036Laboratory Manual on Tropical Weed Biology
By Beatriz L. Mercado and Juliana Manuel
1977, 101 pp.

This laboratory manual is intended for a higher undergraduate course in tropical weed biology. It contains 16 exercises that deal with the life cycle, seed dormancy, seed germination and responses of some common weed species.

025Manual in Generic Identification of Plant Nematodes
By Manolo B. Castillo
ISBN 971‐8778‐01‐2
1991, 40 pp.

This manual is designed as an aid to the students and those in the field of plant pathology. Nematode identification is a prerequisite in the diagnosis of nematode‐caused diseases and is essential in the formulation of control measures.

006Rodent Biology and Control
By Fernando C. Sanchez and Edwin A. Benigno
ISBN 971‐110‐026‐6
1985, 152 pp.

The information presented in this book are mostly results of 15 years of research conducted by the Rodent Research Center (1968‐1976) which was taken over by the National Crop Protection Center (NCPC) from 1976 to the present. Information such as the role of quarantine was provided by the Bureau of Plant Industry. While this book focuses mainly on Philippine rodents, it can serve as a good reference for rodent biology and management training in other tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

037Introduction to Fungal Plant Pathogen
By Arcadio J. Quimio and Tricita H. Quimio
2001, 112 pp.

This workbook and laboratory manual introduces the students to the different fungi causing diseases on plants. It includes the organisms that belong to the Kingdom Fungi and the fungal‐like pathogen that have been traditionally studied by both mycologists and plant pathologists.

038Laboratory Manual in Food Processing I
By Erlinda I. Dizon, Dennis V. Cantre and Lovely Femous H. Vergara
40 pp.

Food Processing I is the first of the two core processing courses offered to students taking Bachelor of Science in Food Technology. It focuses on the principles of food fermentation, thermal processing, dehydration and low temperature preservation of foods. Thus, this manual was arranged to cater to the need of the students in terms of hands‐on activities that will expand their knowledge of the many possible pathways undergone by foods prior to consumption.

039Food Chemistry Laboratory Manual
By Ricardo R. Del Rosario, Olivia M Del Rosario and Vermont P. Dia
ISBN 971‐8778‐57‐8
2003, 95 pp.

This laboratory manual, which is intended for Food Science and Technology students who have finished the general education course, is designed to make them appreciate the role of chemistry in food and its behavior during different processing operations.

024Participatory Rural Appraisal: Guidebook (2nd Edition)
By Blesilda M. Calub
ISBN 971‐9778‐54‐3
2004, 83 pp.

This guidebook is aimed at enhancing the application of participatory methods in conducting action research. As part of participatory approach to agricultural systems research and development, participatory rural appraisal (PRA) is a tool to understand the farm household or community, identify problems and needs, and design appropriate technology or improvement options. This guidebook emphasizes an on‐going learning process. It is a resource intended to be fluid rather than prescriptive. In this guidebook, rural development workers and agri‐fishery extensionists could effectively deliver the appropriate technology that farmers and fishers really need.

030The Philippine Agricultural Scientist
(Formerly The Philippine Agriculturist)
ISSN 0031‐7454

This is an internationally accredited journal that publishes papers and notes on applied research and, to a limited extent, critical research reviews on tropical agricultural science and related areas including environmental science, food science, engineering, biotechnology, economics, extension, rural sociology, development communication, agroforestry and silviculture, and marine and fishery services.

003PAS Research Digests: 2001 to 2005

This is an ancillary publication of the Philippine Agricultural Scientist ISSN 1656‐510X

028The Agriculture Abstracts: 1996‐2013
ISSN 1656‐135X

This is a manual of agriculture abstracts gathered by the UPLB College of Agriculture. It includes mostly abstracts of undergraduate and graduate students’ theses and dissertations done from 1996‐ 2010. This compilation aims to provide insights into some of the local research endeavors undertaken; thus, it would help minimize duplication of studies.


This semi‐technical publication is based on completed researches and extension activities such as those published in refereed journals and common monographs. Through this fact sheet, various technical information on agriculture and food are transformed into semi‐popularized or semi ‐technical articles that would be fully understood by laymen.

019Technical Writing for Publication in Journals and for Presentation
By Ofelia K. Bautista , Teresita L. Rosario and Roberto K. Bautista, Jr.
ISBN 978‐971‐547‐303‐3
Rev. Ed. 2015, (2013), (2012), 218 pp.

This book is a revision of the earlier publication “Technical Writing for Beginners” published in 1997. The publication of this book comes out at a time when there is a serious need for a better and more comprehensive reference in converting the results of scientific work into a technical paper publishable in refereed journals as well as for poster and oral presentation in symposia.

010Write a Thesis and Other Research Articles for Refereed Journals and Symposia: A Brief Guide
By Ofelia K. Bautista, Teresita L. Rosario and Roberto K. Bautista, Jr.
ISBN 918‐971‐8778‐88‐3
2016, 50 pp.

This is a handy and concise guide in writing a research paper for refereed journal, whether it be a thesis, terminal report of a funded study, project or program, as well as individual studies.

009Improve Your Scientific English
By Ofelia K. Bautista, Hosanna H. Espanto, Teresita L. Rosario and Jo Patricia R. Rubio
ISBN 978‐971‐8778‐90‐6
2016, 51 pp.

This handbook gives pointers on improving research articles written for publication in locally refereed and internationally accredited journals. This publication complements the authors’ (Bautista and Rosario) two other books on technical writing.

017Understanding the Research Process (Third Edition)
By Leonardo A. Chua
ISBN 971‐110‐014‐2
2013, 43 pp.

This paper is a supplementary instructional material for the course in social research design. This is intended to instruct graduate students that the more important requirement in the preparation of a research proposal is the understanding of the principles that underline the research process. While this serves a practical purpose, it points to the student the knowledge he/she needs in building or enriching his/her theoretical foundation in social science research.

The Philippine Agritourism Magazine
ISSN 2244‐6680

This magazine aims to promote several agritourism destinations not only in Laguna, but in other parts of the country as well. It also features agritourism related business, education enterprise, institution and organization.

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