Publications at the CAFS Bookstore

The College of Agriculture and Food Science Bookstore serves as a repository of publications authored by staff from the different clusters. These are either textbooks, laboratory manuals, productions guides for various agricultural commodities, and leaflets, fliers or simple “How To's”. At present, there are about 113 titles on sale at the bookstore at reasonable price. Also available for sale are publications from the International Rice Research Institute (15 titles), the PCAARRD-DOST Philippines Recommends Series (24 titles) and MARID Agribusiness Technology Guide (24 titles).

Our publications are preferred reference and reading materials among students including those from other SUCs, plant hobbyists, agripreneurs including professionals and retirees from other discipline who want to establish their hobbyfarms. The CAFS Bookstore is one way to share and disseminate scientific knowledge to improve farmlife and increase agricultural productivity.

Specific titles of our publications are available from the webpage of the different units of CAFS.

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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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