One of the pillars of the University of the Philippines College of Agriculture (UPCA), Dr. Nemesio B. Mendiola, handed down a promise to support the College of Agriculture, now renamed as the College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS). Several decades later, Ms. Susan M. Javier, his granddaughter, fulfilled that promise.

Dr. Nemesio B. Mendiola was the country’s foremost scientist, a Botanist, and a breeder of Hibiscus in the early 1920s. He is the author of the book titled, “A Manual of Plant Breeding for the Tropics,” and the editor-in-chief of the Philippine Agricultural Scientist, from 1915-1916.

CAFS Dean Enrico P. Supangco is honored to receive the generous donation to the CAFS Fund for Emergency Loan. Their donation makes a big difference in the lives of the students we serve. Thank you for the contributions. Welcome to the CAFS Donor family! (LBColumbres)

Philippine Standard Time
Sunday, 18 February 2018
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