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Dr. Desiree M. Hautea, Guillerma Z. Valencia, and the Rice Variety Improvement Program won accolades during the recognition program of the 108th UPLB Foundation Day Anniversary Celebration held last March 6 at the Baker Hall, UPLB.

Dr. Hautea, research faculty of the Institute of Plant Breeding, was chosen as Outstanding Researcher in Natural Sciences (Senior Faulty). She was recognized for her pioneering study in using modern biotechnology that made eggplant resistant to fruit and shoot borer infestation. Her 15 years of research in Bacillus thuringensis (Bt) eggplant led to the crop’s economic and environmental benefits to farmers and consumers.

Guillerma Z. Valencia, university researcher of the Agricultural Systems Institute, won the Outstanding Extension Personnel Award for her passion and dedication in serving the small farmers nationwide and transforming them into “Farmer-Scientists” – the goal of the Farmer Scientist Training Program (FSTP). Valencia heads the FSTP’s Mindanao operation.

The Rice Variety Improvement Program, headed by Dr. Jose E. Hernandez of the Institute of Crop Science, was awarded as the Outstanding Research Team for introducing rice varieties that could thrive in rainfed lowland ecosystem and survive the onslaught of El Niño. These rice varieties, products of hybridization and selection, were certified by the National Seed Industry Council.

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The aforementioned personnel and team of the College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS) also won the same awards during the CAFS Recognition Program held on the same day at the Agronomy-Soils-Horticulture lobby, UPLB. (Written by Apolinario L. Lantican, with information from UPLB Horizon, January-March 2017)

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