The College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS) Institutes and Centers along agribusiness lines is consistent with the modernization ideal, recognizes the need to transform Philippine Agriculture towards inclusive and sustainable growth, links and benefits farmers in the value chain, and promotes product innovation and market diversification. It continues to undertake RD&E activities and generate new technologies and information in various areas. The following are the RD&E thrusts of CAFS:

1. Governance for growth and unity

• Advocacy and policy
• Capacity building
• Networking linkages

2. Innovation and transdisciplinary programs for excellence, collaboration and integration

• Food and Nutrition Security and Safety
• Organic Agriculture
• Climate Change Adaptation
• Biotechnology
• Alternative Energy System

3. Resources generation for productivity and sustainability

• Technology and product commercialization
• Virtual laboratories and analytical services
• Consultancy and Technical Services

4. Enhancing support systems for empowerment and inspiration

• Enhanced international Publication Award (PA)
• Enhanced Programs for Post-Graduate Degrees

5. Extending the reach of UPLB for visibility, partnership, and nation building

• Creation of an on-line R&E Management Information System
• Public-private partnership in RDE
• Creation of CAFS Research Service to focus on CAFS-Industry Collaboration
• Policy support to line agencies of agriculture

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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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