ICropS offers strong undergraduate curricula that produce BSA graduates with comprehensive and deepened perspective of crop science, agronomy and horticulture.

Under the Agronomy major program, a student may specialize in any of the following areas: plant breeding, crop production and management, seed science and technology, and

Under this program, students specialize in any of the following: crop breeding and genetic resources, crop production and management, crop physiology, crop propagation and nursery management, postharvest/primary processing, tissue culture, landscaping and seed technology.

ICropS serves as host of the CAFS BS Agricultural Biotechnology program which was first offered in 2010. This is an interdisciplinary curriculum, encompassing all teaching units, research institutes and centers of the College.

This program aims to produce graduates with acquired knowledge and developed skills in the application of biotechnology, genetic control and environmental manipulation technologies to improve agricultural production and maintain quality agro-environments; shall have been trained in the new emerging scientific concepts, technology innovation and bio entrepreneurship; and shall be able to discuss issues and concerns related to biotechnology and form science-based decisions, and work independently as well as be productive members of interdisciplinary teams. Students may major in Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology or Food Biotechnology; these areas can be expanded as expertise and facilities in the other fields are further developed.

 BSABT graduates are qualified to:

 Teach various aspects of agricultural biotechnology or biotechnology in general in universities and colleges; Join various government agencies as biotechnologists especially in regulatory and research monitoring institutions; Work in research laboratories in public and private institutions; Work in private companies engaged in biotechnology-related production activities; Engage in bio entrepreneurial undertakings; and Pursue professional and graduate studies in related or relevant degree courses.

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