Graduate Programs

Rural Sociology

(MS Rural Sociology Courses)

Aims to prepare graduate students to take leading roles in dealing with problems and opportunities in rural communities as they relate to the society. Graduates of the course are expected to be highly proficient in many aspects of the subjects. The program focuses on sustainability rural communities characterized by long-term well-being based on the integration of social, cultural, economic, and environmental factors in their planning.

It permits the students to become actively involved in research, and professional practice through a combination of lectures, seminars, and group discussions. Lecturers are also invited to contribute to the enhancement of the subject matter. Rural Sociology emphasizes the multi-method data collection and analysis used for conducting and integrating various qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

MS/PhD Soil Science

(MS/PhD Soil Science Courses)

Aims to deepen the understanding of concepts, processes and interacions in the soil necessary to promote sustainability, productivity and resource conservation. Also, graduates of this program can have technical and managerial positions in the academe, in the industry or in private and government institutions.

For more information about the Graduate programs, please go to the UPLB Graduate School.

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