• Seven (7) temperature-controlled rooms
  • Research and teaching laboratories
  • Lecture hall
  • Conference room
  • Packinghouse facilities (one-line packinghouse facility, hot water tanks, hot air chamber)
  • Quality assurance laboratory
  • Biophysics laboratory
  • Minimal processing laboratory
  • Exhibit on packaging materials and containers


  • Recommended storage temperature for tropical perishables
  • Modified atmosphere packaging and storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage of mango
  • Hot water treatment for disease control
  • Extended hot water treatment of mango for fruit fly control
  • Modified vapour heat treatment protocol for mango and papaya
  • Prevention of browning of shaved young coconut
  • Postharvest systemes improvement for papaya, mango, banana, tomato, onion
  • Extending green life of 'Saba' banana for processing using 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP)
  • Ethylene scrubbers/adsorbents
  • Waxing of pineapple for chilling injury alleviation
  • Flotation behavior of mango as maturity index
  • Vase life extension of cutflowers 
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