ASI offers the following curricular programs:


BSA Major in Agricultural Extension

The Agricultural Extension major is designed for students wanting a broad, general background in agriculture while preparing them with the appropriate technical and professional competencies in:

(1) planning, implementing, and evaluating agricultural extension and rural development  programs;

(2) developing and conducting research in extension;

(3) planning and designing agriculture education curricula and training programs; and

(4) developing the skills in communication and application of extension methods, techniques, and strategies.

Considering the evolving challenges in agriculture, graduates of agricultural extension bring with them technical and functional capacities to promote appropriate agricultural technologies apply participatory approaches, help organize farmer producers, understand markets and value chains, and address changing forms of climatic social and economic vulnerability.


BSA Major in Agricultural Systems

Agricultural Systems as major field of specialization addresses the dynamic inter-relationships of the bio-physical, economic, socio-cultural and technological aspects of agriculture.  It involves systems thinking and holistic perspective to solve problems in agriculture.

Graduates of this program are expected to have strong technical expertise, social consciousness, and skills in analyzing and improving the major agricultural systems in the Philippines in the context of farm productivity, stakeholders’ well-being and the environment.


BSA Major in Landscape Agroforestry

Landscape Agrforestry, as a major field of study, is anchored in the recognized need that educated human resources have important role in harmonizing and/or unifying the integration and synergy of agriculture and forestry to ensure agricultural development with due regards to the environment. As such, students will be provided with competencies in the science and practice of providing and maximizing the positive ecological and economic interactions of woody perennials and agricultural crops grown in same unit of land.

Landscape Agroforestry graduates are expected to be able to work in an integrative, systematic and interdisciplinary scientific inquiry as well as establish and manage agroforestry enterprises at the farm, community and the landscape/watershed level.


BSA Major in Soil Science

Soil Science as a major field focuses on understanding the nature and properties of soils and how they relate to improvement on the uses of land particularly for agriculture. Principles of Soil Science provide in-depth knowledge about the behavior of soils in relation to agricultural productivity and address issues such as climate change that could impact soil properties and productive capacity of the soil.

It enables the students to know the importance of soils in major production systems and as a basic production resource through understanding of soil ecology, fertility, microbiology, chemistry, physics, classification, land use and conservation.

Areas of Specialization

Major students may specialize in the following fields:

  1. Soil Chemistry
  2. Soil Conservation and Management
  3. Soil Fertility
  4. Soil Microbiology
  5. Soil Physics
  6. Soil Survey and Classification
  7. Land Use Planning
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