Admissions and Scholarships

For Beginning Freshmen

For the undergraduate programs, the College of Agriculture and Food Science admits students through the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). UPCAT is a five-hour examination consisting of sub-tests on language proficiency, reading comprehension, mathematics and sciences. The test is administered in English and Filipino. High school graduates who wish to be admitted must pass the UPCAT. 

For Transferees

A transferee from other universities may be admitted to the University provided that:

  • 1. he earned at least 33 units with GWA of 2.0 or better for all the academic units he has taken outside the University;
  • 2. he will have to complete in the University not less than 50% of the units required for his program and 75% if running with honors;
  • 3. the quota set by the Dean has not been filled up.

For more information regarding admission policies, visit the UPLB Official Website or you may proceed to the Office of the University Registrar. 

Scholarships Offered

The following are the scholarships offered to undergraduate students of CAFS. 

  • Abono Partylist Agricultural Development Scholarship Grant
  • BASF Agricultural Research Foundation Inc. Scholarship Grant
  • Dan Minnick Scholarship Grant
  • Estores, Tiauzon & Angeles Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship Grant
  • Foundation For Philippine Progress Undergrad. Fellowship Grant
  • Fostering Education & Environment For Development, Inc. Thesis Research
  • Francisco J. Nicolas Scholarship
  • Health, Education, Environment & Discipleship Foundation
  • Menzi Program For Research & Training Scholarship (Menzi)
  • National Cockers Association Undergrad Student Scholarship Grant (NCA)
  • Nescafe Coffee University of the Philippines Scholarship Program (Nescafe CUPS)
  • Philchema Scholarship Grant (Philchema)
  • Philsan Undergraduate Scholarship Grant (Philsan)
  • Rebisco Foundation's Fin. Assistance For Tertiary Education (Rebisco)
  • Sugar Regulatory Administration Scholarship Study Grant (SRA)
  • East-West Seed
  • Cayo Alzona Scholarship
  • Dr. Eulalio P. Baltazar Memorial Scholarship
  • Adopt a Student Program
  • UP Presidential Undergraduate Scholarship Grant
  • Suporta Pangscholar Scholarship Grant

For further information, please visit the UPLB Office of Student Affairs official website, or you may proceed to SFAD at Room 6, 2/F, SU Building, UPLB.

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